The Dead End

#The dead end

The Dead End ethernet protection cap

We needed a small project that would allow us to tinker with our 3D printer. After some thinking we came to the conclution that we had to solve one of the greatest pain points of working with wired networks.

Could we make a thing that would protect ethernet cables so that small plastic thingy on the cable end would not break off?

We set out to solve the problem and surfed through thingiverse. User called “ssd” had created a model of a rj45 coupler for storage. After printing the model we decided to go for a even simpler solution and create a cap that could be put on the end of the cable. Using AutoDesk Inventor we created a simple model that would fit our cable. We did several iterations to minimize the amount of filament needed to print model and get the best possible fit. Lastly we removed even more material to make the cap look like a skull.

Different iterations of the Dead End