Connect BM257 multimeter to PC

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I stumbled over Sigrok by accident. Sigrok promises to connect both my BM257 multimeter as well as my logic analyzer to my PC. Sigrog is open source and cross platform.

Getting BM257s to work with sigrok

Libsigrok added support for the BM257s in v0.4.0. Current version of libsigrok in Ubuntu packages is v0.2 To get the newest version, build it from Sigrok from source. The process is straight forward and works without issues on Ubuntu 16.04.2 I did build and install following:

  • libserialport
  • libsigrokdecode
  • libsigrok
  • sigrok
  • sigrok-cli
  • pulseview

I thought that I could view multimeter output in Pulseview. However BM257s is not supported by Pulseview yet.

However the sigrok-cli is quite useful as well


Capture 10 samples and save to them CVS file:

sigrok-cli --driver=brymen-bm25x:conn=/dev/ttyS0 -o test.csv -O csv --samples 10

Log samples to a CVS file with a fixed sample rate: The BM257 does not support the sample rate options so if you wish to log data with a (almost)fixed sample rate you must do something like this

while true ; do echo -e "$(date +%s), $(sigrok-cli --driver=brymen-bm25x:conn=/dev/ttyS0 --samples 1)" | tee -a samplerate.csv ; sleep 1 ; done

Show configuration for device:

sigrok-cli --driver=brymen-bm25x:conn=/dev/ttyS0 --show

Just print data to console_

sigrok-cli --driver=brymen-bm25x:conn=/dev/ttyS0 --continuous

Put BM257 into “PC mode”

You must hold the HOLD button down while turning on the multimeter in order to turn on the Ir transmitter.