Connect BM257 multimeter to PC

A short writeup on how to connect my BM257 multimeter to my Ubuntu box. This enables me to create charge / discharge graphs for batteries and log temperature over time. Furthermore this library can also be used with my logic analyzer.

MacGyver soldering tool

I build this several years ago, but never got to writing a post about it. Yesterday I used it again when I had to solder some small wires to a bunch of NeoPixels. This post describes how to quickly build yourself a soldering bench tool to help you when you need an extra hand while soldering.

Bicycle desk lamp

Over the course of two days, I built this small desk lamp. I reused an old bicycle dynamo light and retrofitted it with a power saving LED bulb. The lamp can be charged by micro USB and stores a little charge in four 4 farad super capacitors.

The Dead End

Never again break that little plastic thing on your ethernet cables. The Dead End ethernet cap keeps your cables safe.